Developing and maintaining a successful brand strategy raises levels of awareness, generates customer loyalty and provides an integrated image to which customers and employees buy into. When developing a strategy there are several types of approach which can be considered.

• Individual name
• Family branding
• Brand extension
• Multi branding

Unless you have the skills in-house, developing a brand strategy and implementing it is usually an outsource option. LAMC provide a wide range of services to successfully take a company through the brand strategy and implementation process. LAMC's consultants work with customers on an individual and workshop based basis, conducting analysis internally and externally.

Everybody in a company has an impact upon a customer's view of the brand. Therefore it is important to ascertain if the values communicated by your staff are in line with those espoused by the company.

If you feel your brand could do with an overhaul or you're looking to develop a new brand, you may wish to enlist our services to conduct a brand audit and evaluation. If you wish to talk to us about any aspect of your brand we would be pleased to discuss your current situation and requirements. Give us a call on 01883 627 500 or send us a message via our enquiry form by clicking here.