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Newcomers and old favourites - the Briwax brand goes from strength to strength

Introducing a new product into a market with strong brand loyalty is never easy, but the launch of Briwax SignatureWax has proved a good move for the Bollom Group.

"We needed to expand the Briwax family in response to demands from our trade customers," explained Product Manager, Peter Smith. "Briwax SignatureWax has fulfilled the need for a more durable, high flash product for spray application – and it has been very well received."

Developed for professional use, it was formulated primarily for spraying but it can also be applied manually without the usual build-up problems. One application produces a tough, hard wearing finish on bare or sealed wood and improved water resistance eliminates, in many cases, the need for an additional water proofing coat. There is a choice of four wood colours.

Despite innovative new developments in the range, Briwax Original remains the firm favourite. "With its virtually instant, great top shine and nine wood shades to choose from, the first and original product is still our best seller," added Peter Smith. "It just can’t be beaten for use on soft or hard wood, finished or unfinished furniture. We do, of course, also offer a toluene free alternative."

No wood care range has higher consumer brand awareness than Briwax and there is a whole family of products suitable for retailing, including cleaners and revivers, water based dyes, brushing lacquer, filler sticks and touch-up dye pens as well as the traditional waxes.

A favourite for use on fine furniture, Briwax Sheradale natural beeswax is ideal for oak, mahogany, teak or walnut as a polishing wax for any kind of finish. Available in Clear or Antique Brown, it produces a deep, rich sheen. Briwax Natural Creamed Beeswax cleans and revives the natural colour of wood and enriches the patina of all good furniture.

Free display stands and POS material are available to support retail sales.


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