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A Fine Wax – Made Even Finer! - improved natural beeswax from Briwax

A favourite for use on fine furniture, Briwax Sheradale natural beeswax was recently reformulated to make it even more effective – and also given a facelift for better shelf impact.

The new composition has resulted in a creamier consistency which is ideal for use on oak, mahogany, teak or walnut as a polishing wax for any kind of finish - Sheradale also provides a perfect top coat shine on marble. Available in Clear or Antique Brown, it produces a deep, rich sheen and is reasonably water-resistant.

A pack re-design made the 220ml tin much easier to store and use and also much more eye catching on the shelf - there is a countertop display unit which holds 12 tins. Sheradale is available in packs of four x 220ml tins.

In response to consumer demand, a new, dark, Natural Creamed Beeswax was also recently introduced to complement the existing clear product.
In addition to the now famous Briwax Original Wax Polish (plus, of course, Sheradale and Natural Creamed Beeswax), the Briwax range includes Danish and Teak Oil and Brushing Lacquer. Water based wood dyes, touch-up pens and wax filler sticks are available in a selection of wood colours along with all the necessary ancillary wood finishing products. Sold in packs of 6 x 250ml jars.


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