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Economical, efficient solution for lightweight flame arrestor duty

Elmac Engineering (a division of KnitMesh Ltd) has introduced an innovative new flame arrestor specifically aimed at applications requiring a simple, economical, lightweight solution.

"We noticed a gap in the market for an efficient and cost effective flame arrestor for use on relatively small pipe sizes (up to 50mm nb) in applications such as instrumentation lines, sample lines or gas purging," explained Elmac Sales Director, Paul Robinson. "The Elmac SVE™ is an ideal option and is, of course, ATEX compliant."

Designed for installation at the end of a pipeline or on an atmospheric vent from vessels where flammable gases or vapours may be present, the Elmac SVE™ Flame Arrestor prevents the transmission of accidentally ignited flames or explosions from an external source - without inhibiting process gas flow.

A broad range of design options cover most conditions and key features include:

• Sizes from 10mm nb to 50mm nb
• Suitability for gases with MESG >= 0.65mm (gas group IIB3)
• Lightweight carbon or stainless steel construction
• BSP/NPT screwed connections in accordance with ISO7-1 and ISO7-2
• Optional weather hood
• Adaptors for flanged connections

"Flame arrestors can prevent serious injury or even loss of life as well as, of course, plant damage, therefore correct specification and installation is critical," added Paul Robinson. "They can be installed alone or as part of a more comprehensive flame and explosion safety system so we work closely with every customer to ensure the right equipment - or combination of equipment - is supplied for each particular duty."

ATEX Compliance
Elmac SVE™ Flame Arrestors are fully accredited up to gas group IIB3 (as defined in BS EN 12874) and supplied in accordance with European ATEX legislation. A CE nameplate engraved with the model number and Elmac job number is attached to each flame arrestor. The gas group and BS EN 12874 certificate number are shown on the Installation and Maintenance Instructions accompanying every arrestor.

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