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- a range of decorative fire protective coatings for all surfaces -

The Bollom Fire Protection range includes decorative coatings for internal walls and ceilings; external and internal wood and wood veneer; and also structural steel. By using products in combination, designers can maintain an overall decorative theme and at the same time satisfy building regulations.

Flameguard matt and vinyl sheen emulsions are based on a unique formulation of polymers developed using the latest technology. They provide a very effective flame retardant finish which severely limits the spread of flames and are ideal for internal walls and ceilings where a hardwearing finish is essential.

The oil-based gloss and eggshell are formulated from a chlorine modified alkyd blend, pigmented with titanium dioxide and antimony oxides. Flames are effectively blanketed by an antimony trichloride gas which evolves when the paint is subjected to heat. The Flameguard range also includes water based acrylic gloss and eggshell which are easy to use and very quick drying allowing two or three coats to be applied in one day. They are resistant to steam and condensation and the low odour formulation means they can be applied with the minimum of interference when redecorating internal surfaces.

Flameguard decorative paint finishes are available in an impressive range of over 2000 formulated colours – with additional shades from the Bollom colour matching system. They can be used in conjunction with Broflame intumescent coating on timber or wooden substrates. In a fire, Broflame softens and expands to form a carbon foam layer which insulates and protects the substrate.

For natural wood and wood veneer, Intuclear and Intulac are translucent, intumescent varnishes which protect and enhance the beauty of the wood. They are used extensively to upgrade existing wood and wood panelling and dry to a natural semi-matt finish – separate gloss or eggshell overcoats are available.

Structural steel can be protected with Brosteel, a smooth, thin film intumescent coating. It does not require specialist skills and can be applied using a brush or airless spray. Where the exposed steel is part of the design, the gloss or eggshell overcoat is available in an almost unlimited range of colours.

The Flamebar range of water based flame retardant products can be used as a highly effective, economical solution for upgrading various fabrics and materials.

All products have been fire tested to BS 476 Parts 6, 7 & 21. Bollom Fire Protection also offers a full advice and specification service.


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